What is Trading Bimex?

It is a platform that provides information in real time on the oscillations and price trends of the different cryptocurrencies in Bittrex and Bitso (Mexico), which allows us to detect good buying opportunities and find the best moment to sell.

Our processes are based on the official APIs of these exchanges, allowing the creation of interactive tables and graphs that easily show interesting opportunities.

Soon we will add an off-line alert service, to receive notices of purchase and/or sale opportunities even if we are not connected.

Information about Bittrex & Bitso on real time

  • Finder: interactive table (filters, sort by columns, etc.)
  • Candlestick graphics: different time scales (including on Bitso!)

What should I do to use these tools?

  1. Sign in (complete this form)
  2. Make a monthly payment of $30USD (prices & conditions)
  Launching offer: monthly payment only $20 USD for the first 100 traders to sign in. Apply on monthly, quarterly and semi-annual payments.
  ¡You can pay your subscription with cryptocurrencies! Or if you prefer more conventionally with FIAT currency (USD dollars, euros, etc ...) with credit card.



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